Remedy Herbal Salve

Hawk and Field Organic Remedy Herbal Salve Tin
Hawk and Field Organic Remedy Herbal Salve Tin

Remedy Herbal Salve


Remedy Wildly Good Herbal Salve is specially formulated from yarrow flowers, leaves and stalks which were wildcrafted high in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. This wild herb has been used for centuries. The ancient Greeks used it to treat external wounds on the skin, Native Americans used yarrow for wounds, infections and bleeding and they pound the stalks into a pulp to be applied to bruises, sprains, and swelling. Use this very special herbal salve for speedy healing for wounds, bruises and chapped or dry skin. Feel the healing magic of the sun and rain, the wind and moonlight of the mountains contained within the wild yarrow. It's Wildly Good. 

This is a small batch product, all herbs in are patiently solar infused in the oils and then pressed by hand.

1 oz tin

Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil*, Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil*, Wildcrafted Yarrow^, Beeswax*, Lavender EO*, Non-GMO Vitamin E Oil
*Certified Organic
^Ethically Wildcrafted

Made in Sierraville, CA


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