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UCO | Collapsible Camping Candle Lantern


UCO | Collapsible Camping Candle Lantern

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You're camping out in the wilderness, sweet pines all around, stars above, a loved one at your side. It's so peaceful and tranquil, but that harsh cold light from your LED lamp really defeats some of the coziness. Step in the candle lantern. This classic lantern provides cozy heat and natural light for up to 9 hours per candle. Surrounded by a sturdy metal frame and a glass chimney, the candle is lit in a flash—slide the chimney down and light the exposed wick. As the candle burns, the spring-powered tube pushes the candle up for a reliable, constant flame. The lantern is collapsable, making it perfect for backpacking, and the slight warmth from the burning candle help fight off dampness. This a classic that will soon become one of your camping necessities.

Comes with one candle.

Open dimensions: 6 1/2" x 2" / Closed dimensions: 4 1/4 x 2"

Made in Seattle, WA

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