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Dandelion Chocolate | Single Origin Chocolate Bars

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Dandelion Chocolate | Single Origin Chocolate Bars


This is the chocolate that all the chocolate lovers and connoisseurs of the world are talking about. Made bean-to-bar in the Mission District of San Franciso, the folks at Dandelion roast, crack, sort, winnow, grind, conch and temper their chocolate in small batches, striving to bring out the individual nuances of each bean.

Each chocolate bar contains single origin cacao beans, and is 70% cacao with the only other ingredient being cane sugar.

Kokoa Kamili, Tanzania: Ripe mango, caramelized red berries, with a rich brownie batter finish

Ambanja, Madagascar: Strawberries, hints of raspberry jam, and a bright citrusy finish.

Maya Mountain, Belize: Hints of honey and caramel with notes of strawberries and cream.

Mantuano, Venezuela: Classic dark chocolate, roasted almonds and espresso.

2 ounces

Made in San Francisco, CA

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