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Trailblazing: Bags from Kletterwerks and Topo Designs

Whether you’re getting ready to hit the trails this summer, or simply need a good catchall for weekend getaways, Bespoke has you covered with new bags in a range of sizes, colors and functions. Best of all, they’re made right here at home. Learn more about two American makers who scouted the best in world craftsmanship to bring you quality outdoor gear—without skimping on style.

Topo Designs
Denver, CO

The team at Topo Designs learned from what they loved: ski gear from France, bags from Japan, a sense of quality and craftsmanship they found lacking in American-made goods. From the beginning, the how and why mattered, and so they worked strategically to build a line of gear they could be proud to produce and sell in the U.S. The result? Handmade bags and gear, and a LEED-certified shop in Colorado.


Bespoke carries Topo’s excellent Dopp Kit, a triangular bag designed to sit upright for easy access in the close quarters of a hotel bathroom or camp tent. It features a water-resistant lining and a wrist strap, making it a snap to travel light. A larger option for quick trips is the fully-lined Cinch Bag, which can be worn over the shoulder when you’re running to the post office, or fastened at the waist on a bike ride to King’s Beach. Then there’s the Klettersack, perfect for the daily grind or a weekend off-trail camping trip. This bag features leather lash tabs on the outside for your bike light or water bottle. Come by Bespoke to try them all, in several colors.

Bozeman, MT

Kletterwerks means “climbing factory” in German. Founded in 1975, the outdoor gear company has its roots in an American climbing community with an appreciation for European outdoor gear. Like Topo, Kletterwerks’ founder Dan Gleason loved the quality of European goods, but not the practice of importing. So Kletterwerks was born.


Beyond climbing equipment, they make the practical Flat Bag, a simple and durable pouch in an assortment of sizes. Then there’s the Konker Tote, which doubles as a backpack and offers zippered interior pockets for streamlined organization. And we love their Wires Pocket, designed to corral your power cords in transit, and fully lined to protect against a leaking water bottle or lunchbox.