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Today is for Paper

It must be something in the air. Around this time of year, I start dreaming in water color. My fingers start craving scissors and paper. I get out the box of tangled paper cuttings and scraps and glue, sifting for ideas.

Maybe it's muscle memory. Maybe I associate the shorter days and cooler nights with working on gifts and creative projects indoors. As the holidays approach, our thoughts turn to our loved ones. For those who are far away, we're planning to put ink to paper, tuck a recent photo in an envelope, and maybe a small gift.

Today is for paper. Whether you're going the DIY route, or picking up a stack of handmade cards, Bespoke's got you covered with paper goods from small companies who care.
From Florida-based Rifle Paper Company, we carry a selection of gorgeous greeting cards and artful calendars, hand-painted by husband-and-wife-team Anna and Nathan Bond. We think German supplier Stockmar offers the best in classic art supplies that last. Straight from San Francisco's Mission district, we've got beautiful stamp sets from the quirky Yellow Owl Workshop, run by another husband and wife duo, Christine Schmidt and husband Evan Gross. And when you're ready to take a break? Kick back and read a few Tahoe-themed stories, from California press Heyday Books.   
Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 10.39.56 AM.png
 Clockwise from top left: 1) Stockmar watercolor set. 2)  Yellow Owl Workshop carve-a-stamp set. 3) Scissors, made in Germany. 4) Herbs and Spices Calendar, from Rifle Paper Co. 5)  Yellow Owl Custom Garden stamp set. 6) Tahoe Beneath the Surface, from Heyday Books. 7) Secret Garden calendar, Rifle Paper Co.


What are your paper traditions?

Do you cut snowflakes with your family, and cover the living room windows? Stamp your own wrapping paper on cut-open brown grocery bags? Pair a handwritten note and a secret cookie recipe with a jar of pre-measured ingredients? 

Now's the time to pick out new stationery, and pore over the stamp options at the post office. Nothing beats a real letter, arriving as if by magic in the mail box. Yes, it takes a little extra effort to jot a note and address an envelope. It's not as fast as an email or a text. But in a fast-paced world, there's no better gift than slowing down, and taking the time to show you care. Writing a real note can be a gift for both sender and receiver.

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