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Celebrate Summer with the perfect picnic basket

We're putting together the ultimate picnic basket, perfect for a solstice outing on the shore of Lake Tahoe, or a quick jaunt down to Nevada City.

To get started, choose a double or single pie basket from Peterboro Basket Company. These baskets feature a handy little shelf inside to keep your goodies from colliding during transport. (Read: frolicking, skipping, and the like.) With sturdy swing handles, it is quite literally made for delivering pies and cakes, but we bet it will become your tote of choice for picknicking and market runs.


Next, you'll want to set the stage with a soft, durable Faribault blanket. We've written before about this 147-year-old company (see below), purveyors of wool textiles fully crafted in the U.S. Tuck one of their blankets in your trunk, and be ready to take advantage of the next unexpected picnic opportunity.


And don't forget your manners. Pick up a lovely pair of napkins in organic hemp and cotton, handmade by our newest employee (and favorite Swedish import), Kristen Sullivan. Embroidered with whimsical trees, these will inspire even your most careless picnic-mate toward better decorum.   


Now it's time to get down to business.  And by business, we mean cheese. You'll want a lightweight cutting-board like this one, complete with a matching cheese spreader, from Moonspoons.

orchard delights_mandrin marmalade-052.jpg

Pair a ripe creamy cheese with  a jar of jam from Twin Peaks Orchards (Newcastle, CA), and top it all off with a bar of Alter Eco chocolate.  Bon appetit!