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New in this week: Locally Made Terrariums, Mast Brothers Chocolates, Driftwood Ceramics & Gunpowder Spice!

This glorious little universes are not only planted locally, but also handblown Locally. They range from small (around 3") to x-large (around 14") and have the most beautiful little tropical plants and succulent mosses. We just received a new batch of them this week and each is so very unique and exquisite. 

From the Mast Brothers Website:

"Mast Brothers Chocolate offers a variety of single estate and single origin chocolates from around the world as well as our own house blend. We have partnered with incredible farms and organizations such as Anderson Almonds, Stumptown Coffee, Maine Sea Salt and Crown Maple Syrup to create the most delicious chocolate pairings."

From The Other Brother's Website:

"Our Extra virgin "Shortys" feature our favorite blend of California grown olives (Leccino and Pendolino) which we call the "Growers Blend". Great for daily use, this oil is fruity, buttery and smooth, with a slight kick of pepperiness at the end to leave you wanting more.
It comes in a light tight 250ml tin with a convenient resealable pour spout."

GUNPOWDER SPICE: This is our "go-to" spice. This spice blend is great in soups, salads, on meat, eggs, and in stir-fry. California grown peppers, Gilroy garlic and a few secret ingredients, it's also the kick in our spicy extra virgin olive oil. 1.3 oz

Each and every time we get an order from Linda Fahey, I fall deeper in love with her work. Each piece is a masterpiece in its own right and to own one makes your feel somehow "chosen." These new mugs are no exception and demand attention where ever they go, making each sipping experience elevated. Adorned with a driftwood handle and scribed with perfect swirling waves on the bottom, I know you will fall in love with Linda's work when you see them.