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Making Bespoke: The Story of the Chevron Wall

Supplies: Masking tape in two widths, Box of coasters, "Bonk" paint*, Paint brush, Ruler, Pencil, X-acto knife, (*see below)

It was the day before we opened the doors at Bespoke, and something was missing. Paneled in plywood, the wall behind the register seemed plain and uninviting in contrast to the rest of the store. It needed color, a point of focus to ground the space and make a statement.

Always ready for creative reuse, I instantly thought about a box of brand new coasters I had found on the roadside. The kind of brewpub freebies you find at a tasting, they were nothing special on their own, but I wondered what kind of texture I could create with them.

With a few hours and a handful of simple tools, the chevron wall was born. 

First, I mapped out the chevron pattern using the ruler and pencil, then quickly got to work taping it out on the wall. The key to the chevron pattern is a variety of line widths, so I used two kinds of masking tape: a standard narrow roll and a wider painter's roll. The coasters made the thickest width, and also added dimension.

I used the x-acto blade to give sharp definition to the pattern's angles. (Hint: be sure to test the tape on your surface. There is nothing worse then not being able to get the tape off your project.)


Next step? Painting. Using the tape as an aid, this went fairly quickly. I also used "bonk" paint from our local hardware store. This is a great option to keep in mind when price is a concern and you have some flexibility with color. The paints are usually less than $10, and can be adjusted to darken the shade.


Once I was done painting, I quickly removed the tape. Letting paint dry over tape can make it difficult to remove. This technique is easy, fun, and endlessly repeatable. We are thinking of doing something similar with a desk in the shop next.

You can see the finished wall in the back corner of the shop!