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Let's Face It: Good things for your skin at Bespoke

Winter Cream from Native State

Winter Cream from Native State

We all know the basics for good skin: get plenty of sleep, drink at least 64 ounces of water a day, and-- especially in Truckee-- moisturize like crazy.

But somewhere around the middle of January, the pleasure of the skincare ritual can start to feel a little routine.

A load of wildcrafted sage in the Big Sur mountains.

A load of wildcrafted sage in the Big Sur mountains.

As we get closer to skin-baring weather, think about refreshing your regimen with these items from environmentally-friendly companies.

Just over the mountains in Nevada City, Native State Apothecary developed its unparalleled line of handcrafted skincare products, sustainably sourced and harvested in Northern California. Now bicoastal, having put down roots in New York City, the company continues to honor its original credo: "Even the tiniest rituals deserve the greatest love."

Give some love to your winter-chapped skin and achy joints this spring, with the luscious Winter Cream or St. John's Salve, designed to soothe both skin and joints. Tastefully packaged in recycled, reusable containers, these goods will give your daily moisturizing ritual a little more soul.

"We're hikers, not perfumers," say the folks at Juniper Ridge, a wildcrafted skincare and fragrance company based in the Bay Area. They make soaps and fragrances that smell like the west coast mountains they love, using materials they harvest themselves. But they want you to do more than just bring the forest into the shower with you. They want you out on the trail, too. 10% of profits benefit wilderness organizations, and they also organize trail maintenance work and outdoor events.

Try them out at Bespoke by choosing from a selection of Trail Crew soaps, including Big Sur and Siskiyou Cedar.

Another crew of herbalists in California bring you Earth Tu Face, an entirely plant-based line dedicated to skincare without artificial ingredients and harsh chemicals. Try their Compostable Skin Stick for face, lips, and body. Scented with geranium and vetiver, and packaged in an easy-to-use tube, it's one of those staples you'll wonder what you ever did without. Bespoke now carries their Face Wash, with palmarosa, ylang ylang, and aloe. It fairly glows in its lovely matte glass bottle.

Earth Tu Face's repurposeable packaging

Earth Tu Face's repurposeable packaging


Finally, we're still loving MCMC fragrances. We've written previously about their awesomeness here, but it bears repeating as we head into warmer weather. If you're looking for a lighter scent to transition from winter, come by and test-drive a spritz on each wrist.

Tell us: what's your favorite springtime ritual?

Post by Melissa Reeser Poulin