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Three Knockout Jewelers

This is the season for adornment, with winter layers giving way to tanks and tees. Does the thought of untangling the necklaces in your stash make you wince? Come by Bespoke and pick up a knockout new piece of jewelry for spring.

Read on for more about three artisan jewelers we love.

Laurel Hill Jewelry

This is jewelry for the road. With geometric cuffs and pendants, chunky rings, and brass studs set with moody gemstones—think jasper, opal, agate—these pieces combine bohemian intensity with solid craftsmanship that’s down-to-earth and sincere. Southern-born Laurel Hill is making her way from Georgia to a new home in California this month by (extremely cute) bus. Check out her tumblr for pictures that will tame or trigger your wanderlust.


Hellbent Jewelry

Beth Naumann’s career in architecture led her to pursue form and movement more directly in her creative life: she started making brass mobiles. That education in hand-bending metal led to Hellbent, a stunning line of metal jewelry with free-moving connections. She does everything by hand, without the use of power or heat. Art deco designs conjure the Bay Area architecture near her Oakland, California studio, conveying stunning simplicity and elegance.


Yes and Yes Designs

We’ve carried Laura Bruland’s one-of-a-kind earrings, necklaces, and pins for a long time now, and we still love her mix of nostalgia, eccentricity, and fun. Bruland laser cuts imagery from recycled vintage books, then etches the finished shape into a completely unique piece, owing to the variety of textures and colors in her material. Another Oakland jeweler, Bruland’s also a roller-derby champion. You should check out her process video.