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Brad Henry Pottery: Drink Like A Local with a Local Artisan Mug

This summer, drink like a local with an artisan mug from local potter Brad Henry. Bespoke carries an assortment of mugs, cups, bowls, and picnic flasks in a full range of whimsical colors and designs. Handmade just a stone's throw from our shop, they seem made to fit your hand-- a mark of the organic process Henry has cultivated through years of working with clay.

We caught up with him to find out what makes his work unique, and where he likes to go for a drink in Truckee. 

“I think my designs are bold but very approachable,” Henry says. “These are pieces you’re not going to set on a shelf somewhere and say, ‘Oh, no I don’t want to use that.’ They’re humble and approachable.”

Locals are especially fond of the whimsical picnic flask, a new design that combines one of Henry’s classic shapes with the convenience of a flip-top cap. Henry says he loves making the flattened vessels because the surface is like a blank canvas.

We love it for its versatility.  In the summer, decant tequila into the picnic flask and store in the freezer for an impromptu margarita. When the cold weather rolls around again, it’s the perfect vessel for maple syrup. Warm the ceramic bottle in hot water for serving with waffles or pancakes.

Currently, Henry is working on a custom set of larger flasks for a local customer with an outdoor bathtub, where they'll be repurposed for storing shampoo and conditioner.

If flasks aren’t your thing, check out the selection of mugs, cups, and bowls. There are two sizes of handle-less cups that are perfect for your favorite hot beverage. Try the tall cup for your morning latte, and the smaller one for your afternoon chai.

Brad’s favorite spot for both is Coffee Bar — as much for the mad barista skills as for the local vibes. “You always run into at least two friends, and it’s nice to be surprised by the new art on the walls.”

For a nightcap, the busy potter and dad is usually at home. But for a special occasion?

“It’s usually The Cottonwood for just one of their margaritas,” he says, adding, “Just one. Two is too many.”