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Cozy and Sustainable

Temperatures are starting to drop, and it's early enough in the season to seem novel. What's your idea of cozy? Do you bundle up and go out? Or are you more inclined to stay in, preferably near a bubbling pot in the kitchen?

Whatever your style, warm your heart and mind with two new shop additions from green and socially-responsible companies. Here's how cozy meets sustainable at Bespoke.


Chickpea Quarterly is a lush, ad-free food magazine focusing on vegan and vegetarian living. There's plenty to entice and inspire even the most skeptical omnivore, with photo essays and recipes that take a whole-foods, plant-based approach to each season.  The magazine's founders developed Chickpea as a way to normalize veganism, a diet and lifestyle many people choose for its low impact on the body and the environment. A digital version of the magazine gives readers a paperless option, in addition to bonus material not available in the print edition. Stop by Bespoke to pick up the fall issue, which brings together DIY jam and apple cider tutorials, a city guide to Portland, and a look at fair-trade vanilla.


Speaking of fair trade, have you check out these insanely-soft alpaca wool hats? Greenola Style partners with women in Bolivia and Kenya to make clothing and accessories that benefit both consumer and maker. Building on the legacy of other ethical fashion businesses like Tom's Shoes and Warby Parker frames, Greenola's designs combine a social mission with great style. Fair-trade certified, the company provides producers with a living wage, safe working conditions, and healthcare. By investing in traditional artisan methods, they empower women both artistically and financially.

Chickpea and Greenola Style are proof that an ethically, environmentally sound lifestyle can be chic. Refusing to compromise your values doesn't mean you have to compromise on taste.