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Cozy Winter Reading from Bona Fide Books

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Truckee is blanketed in snow this month. Maybe you’re out there on a board or skis, carving up what’s left of a white Christmas. Or maybe you’re headed for a quiet nook with a cup of coffee and a good read.

Either way, we bet you’ll like Tahoe Blues, a collection of short prose (500 words or less) collected from writers “around the lake and beyond.” Beautifully designed, compact, and intriguing—this is how we’d describe both the book itself and the individual pieces of flash-fiction and essay inside. The book’s nine chapters take you through deepening shades of blue, reflecting the tone of the writing. 


Once you’re familiar with blue, get Acquainted with the Cold, poems by Brooklyn poet Lexa Hillyer, winner of the annual Melissa Lanitis Gregory Poetry Prize. 

Bespoke is proud to carry a full selection of impressively-crafted, handpicked, intensely readable titles from Tahoe’s own Bona Fide Books, a small press and community hub for all things literary, located in Meyers.

Founded by publisher and editor Kim Wyatt in 2009, the press is truly a labor of love and courage, two heart-fueled forces that make this local gem shine. 

Wyatt’s passion for fostering a local artistic community endears her to our own hearts, and also makes a huge impression on the writers she publishes. When poet Jason Schossler’s collection Mud Cakes won Bona Fide’s first annual poetry prize in 2010, he was treated to an experience that has become all too rare in the publishing world.


“Kim telephoned me to let me know they selected me as the winner,” said Schossler. “During the call, she also told me all about the press, her goals, what she thought of the book, etc., and I knew right away I needed to accept her offer.”

He cites Wyatt’s personal attention and collaborative approach to the book’s design as just one reason publishing with Bona Fide was such a great experience. “I had a lot of say in the front and back cover design, font, and layout, and from what I hear and gather, Bona Fide is unique in this way compared to many other small presses.”  

Like the independent artists and makers behind all the goods you’ll find at Bespoke, Bona Fide Books takes pride in bringing quality art to light. We love their work and their mission: “to try each day to be brave and unapologetic about the significance of literature and community.”

Come by and pick up a book, and maybe one of these gorgeous ceramic tumblers. Then kick back and let the snow fall.