Relax Kit

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Relax Kit


For your favorite lady.

A stylish black and navy tote, made in New York. Cotton canvas with a textured leather bottom and handles, and a handwritten edition number on each bag.

A calming wave mug, made in Pacifica, CA. Inspired by the ocean, with hand drawn waves, each mug has its own special character.

A special hardback edition of Moby Dick, part of Penguin's clothbound classics series, with a stunning cover designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith.

Indulgent and therapeutic bath salts, made in Austin, TX. Containing dead sea salt, epsom salt and black lava salt with lavender, bergamot and sandalwood, these are bath salts designed to induce calm, relaxation, and feelings of tranquility.

An essential oil candle housed in a glass beaker, made in La Conner, WA. Relax, unwind, and watch the flame dance.

A jar of ancient forest tea, made in Truckee, CA but originating from stands of protected ancient growth tea plants in the Yunnan province of China. Bold, dark and inviting.

We will wrap each kit so beautifully, your loved one is certain to be filled with holiday joy.

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